About us

Approaching design from a different angle



We’re partners in more ways than one.

After meeting over a drawing board back in 1987, Kim and Andy not only shared the same love for art, they went that extra bit further and married into it. Ten years later, they ventured into the abyss and set up a design partnership, which is known today as 71degrees. Here’s a little summary on them both.


Andy Hack – Senior Creative Designer

With over 25 year’s experience, Andy has extensive knowledge in all areas of the design and art industry. From design for print or design for web, he’s never afraid (well sometimes) to get his hands dirty and get back to his roots of being a creative designer. He not only makes things look great and professional, but he knows how to get the best results when printed on different kinds of paper stock or viewed on all smart devices for the web.

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Kim Hack – Creative Artworker

With a career that spans the same as her partner, Kim is more the brains behind the company who ensures that 71degrees runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Creatively she excels in many areas from design, photography, illustrating and website design all produced with great attention to detail. When a cool head is needed in many a hard situation, Kim comes out smiling with a successful solution to all your needs.